The mission of MFG Seafarers Fund is to support those affected, in the broadest sense of the word, by natural disasters, environmental disasters and ship disasters, and who are directly or indirectly employed in the maritime sector. Society is increasingly individualizing. We, as stakeholders of the maritime sector, are socially involved, both nationally and internationally. We opt for small-scale projects with a direct contact. In this way we know that resources go directly to the projects that our heart goes out to. Our support is directly of a financial nature and, indirectly, by using our networks.

Special thanks goes to our dedicated team of volunteers and our generous sponsors who helped us startup this Fund. You’ve helped us rais over more than  € 120,000, -. We can’t thank you enough.

Thank you for your professional expertise and help:

C&B More for helping, establish this fund and giving (legal) advice
TOMBROK for making this website
Emmius Notarissen for making the founding act
MF Shipping Group for making it possible to start


The board consists of the following members:

Karin Orsel President
Wim Kuipers Secretary
Astrid Drent Treasurer
Hendrik Boonstra Member
Marcel Marree Member


The Board receives no remuneration for their work. Each member has the right to cast one vote. A board decision shall be taken by majority vote. The Board is not authorized to enter into agreements regarding acquiring, the disposal or aggravation of registered property. The Board is not authorized to enter into agreements in which the foundation binds itself as guarantor or joint and several co-debtor. Board meetings take place as often as the Board considers desirable, with a minimum of four times per year. The secretary will call for a Board meeting. Decisions can be taken as all sitting Board members are present or represented.

Our documents

The foundation MFG Seafarers Fund has been established in December 2013. On the basis of the Articles of Association, the first calendar year will run up to and including December 2014. Furthermore, the fiscal year of the foundation equals a calendar year.  Because of that we don’t have a financial statement yet. When we wrote it you will find it here in 2015.

You can find the annual account 2021 here

You can find the annual account 2020 here

You can find the annual account 2019 here

You can find the annual account 2018 here

You can find the annual account 2017 here

You can find the annual account 2016 here

You can find the annual account 2015 here

You can find the annual account 2014 here

You can find our English Policy plan here

You can find our Dutch Policy plan here

You can see the objectives of MFG Seafarers Fund here


Special thanks go to: 

Mrs. Espie Zwijghuizen-Rodriguez as our temporary coordinator and interpreter.