Rehabilitation of Palompon National High

We, MFG Seafarers Fund and Royal Wagenborg, investigated several options and we came up with the conclusion to support in rebuilding school. This will definitely have a long term effect and will normalize the present situation and help the town to bounce back after the most powerful typhoon struck the Philippines.

The aim of the project is to support the community of Palompon by rehabilitating damaged schools of Palompon National High School located at Brgy Central ||, Palompon Leyte. The school has present population of 700 students. Most of the school buildings/classrooms lost the complete rood panels, windows and frames, furniture (computers, tables and chairs), school materials and books. The building structures for some are still intact but some are totally blown away. The school administrator tried their best to carry on school activities. They continue to use the classroom (even without a roof) and let the students sit on the floor, a tent school set up and other innovative ways arises so as not to hamper the continuity of classes.

The main goal is to make sure that as soon as the new school year starts, the students have the opportunity to hold classes in a classroom suitable for learning; classrooms with roof, well ventilated rooms and chairs to sit on and give them the opportunity to get the education they rightfully deserve!

At July 21 the reconstruction of Palompon National High School has been completed. The school is restored and furnished. In short; it is ready to be taken fully back in use!